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10 Bash Script Code Challenges for Newcomers

10 Bash Script Code Challenges for Beginners

Need to be an expert programmer? You are going to need to get aware of Bash.

Bash (Bourne Once more Shell) is a command-line interface shell program that makes it simpler to navigate and management your laptop’s working system. Studying the right way to use Bash will enable you to enhance your file and database administration, automate duties, and higher combine your scripts in numerous programming languages.

To get began, try our Study Bash Scripting course. Then as soon as you’ve got mastered the fundamentals, use the ten Bash script code challenges under to use your new expertise.

1. Creating instructions

Whereas Bash comes with loads of helpful built-in instructions, a key talent each Bash programmer ought to know is the right way to create their very own.

Write a command that lists the contents of your usr/native listing. Your script can arrange variables, however you are not allowed to name any instructions inside the script immediately. If you run your command, the output ought to present the listing’s contents in a single column.

For an additional problem, have your command settle for a single argument that lists the contents of the listing contained within the argument.

2. Choose your favourite

Consider three belongings you like and create a Bash script that prompts the consumer to reply primarily based on these items. It may very well be one thing like “Which might you select: …”

Utilizing case statements, have the script output totally different responses primarily based on the chosen choice. For instance, if cake is a alternative and somebody picks cake, a pattern output response may very well be “Nice alternative. Take pleasure in your cake!”

To make issues a bit tougher, add an applicable response message if somebody picks one thing that is not on the listing. For instance, “Sorry, however that is not on the listing. Choose x, y, or z, please.”

You may as well have your Bash script immediate for extra details about the chosen factor. For instance, if somebody picks cake, one other immediate can ask “What sort of cake?” And that immediate may very well be adopted by a ultimate response primarily based on this enter, akin to, “Nice alternative. Take pleasure in your chocolate cake!”

3. Itemizing and sorting directories

Create a Bash script that accepts listing paths as arguments. For every argument, listing the contents of every listing with the title of every listed on the prime.

If you wish to give your self an added problem, have your script settle for a further argument, “a” or “d,” that types the contents of every listing in both ascending or descending order. For much more of a problem, create a Bash script that types the contents of the directories primarily based on an “a” or “d” argument that immediately precedes it. In different phrases, you need to have the ability to type one listing in ascending order, a second listing in descending order, and so forth.

4. SED instructions

The stream editor (SED) command is extensively utilized by Bash programmers to course of and modify textual content.

Write a Bash script that features an SED command that takes the recordsdata in your house listing and adjustments their proprietor out of your username to the reverse of your username. So, for instance, in case your username is Codecademy, then your Bash script ought to change the proprietor to ymedacedoC.

For an additional problem, have your script settle for a numerical enter, n, that adjustments the proprietor of simply the primary n recordsdata in your house listing.

5. AWK instructions

One other strategy to work with textual content in Bash is with AWK instructions. For this problem we’ll use the next information set of the world’s nations and their capitals.

Create a Bash script that outputs this dataset into two columns: one for the nation and the opposite for its capital.

For an added problem, have your script settle for a letter as enter. The output needs to be simply the nations that begin with the enter letter. For an additional problem, create one other Bash script that outputs a two-column listing sorted alphabetically by capital metropolis.

6. TPS experiences

Utilizing a Bash script, generate an e-mail message that reminds the consumer to submit a TPS report by a sure day. Your script ought to settle for a date or day as an enter argument. For instance, if the consumer inputs “Tuesday,” then the output ought to look one thing like:

“Please submit your TPS experiences by EOD Tuesday. Your cooperation on this matter is way appreciated.”

For an additional problem, have your script settle for arguments for:

  • Title of recipient(s)
  • Due date for TPS experiences
  • Motivational closing
  • Sender

If any of the arguments are clean, the e-mail message ought to output a default phrase or phrase.

7. Alarm clock

Create a Bash script that “sleeps” for a given variety of seconds earlier than beeping after the time has elapsed. You can also make this train tougher by including options to your alarm clock, akin to:

  • An enter argument that accepts time fairly than the variety of seconds.
  • A sleep perform that permits you to reset the alarm clock to go off once more after a given variety of minutes.
  • An choice that permits you to select from totally different beeping sounds in your laptop system.
  • An choice that performs an audio file saved in your laptop.

8. Detect mounted disks

Programmers who work in Bash are sometimes System Directors who handle laptop and server networks. So, it is necessary to know which disks and file methods are mounted — that’s, accessible by the pc’s file system. Notice that simply because a disk or laptop is bodily hooked up with cables does not all the time imply that it is mounted and accessible.

Give you a Bash script that detects whether or not a given mount level or file system is mounted. If that’s the case, the script ought to return the quantity of used house on the file system and the quantity of free house. If the file system is not mounted, your script ought to return an error message.

Searching for an additional problem? Add a immediate to your script that asks the consumer in the event that they need to try and mount the file system if it is unmounted. When the file system mounts, the script ought to then output the quantity of used house and free house within the file system.

9. Recursion countdown

Recursion is when a perform calls itself to carry out the identical job till some situation is met. That is mostly finished in Bash with loops.

Create a countdown generator in Bash that accepts a constructive integer as enter. The output ought to present numbers lowering, beginning with the enter quantity till 0. After displaying 0, the output also needs to show “BLAST OFF!”

Searching for one thing a bit tougher? Attempt making a Bash perform that accepts any variety of arguments. The output ought to print out every argument on a brand new line. Your Bash script ought to use the echo command solely as soon as.

10. Gross sales tax calculator

Whereas Bash is usually used to work with file methods and purposes, it could possibly additionally carry out primary math.

Create a Bash script that capabilities like a gross sales tax calculator utilizing your private home state’s gross sales tax price. Should you dwell in a state with no gross sales tax, use the speed of a close-by state. Your Bash script ought to settle for a decimal quantity as enter and output the merchandise’s complete value rounded to the closest cent.

Listed here are a number of methods to make your gross sales tax calculator tougher:

  • Create a script that accepts each base value and state as enter and outputs the overall value primarily based on the tax price in that state. Here is a great reference for gross sales tax charges within the US by state.
  • Create a script that accounts for native gross sales tax inside a state. It ought to settle for both a metropolis/city title or ZIP code as enter to calculate the native gross sales tax.
  • Embody enter that accounts for the kind of merchandise being bought. For instance, many states do not cost gross sales tax on groceries, and a few do not cost gross sales tax on clothes if the overall buy is lower than a specific amount.

Or, for an ultra-challenge, create a tax calculator that comes with all of these items. You will in all probability need to create a devoted folder that accommodates all the information recordsdata you want.

Each developer ought to know Bash

Whether or not you are engaged on internet design as a Entrance-Finish Developer, analyzing massive datasets as a Information Scientist, or managing databases as a Again-Finish Developer, understanding Bash and the right way to use the Terminal are helpful expertise that may help your work.

When you perceive the fundamentals of Bash scripting, you’ll be able to maintain constructing your expertise with on-line programming programs. Should you’re unsure which programming language or instrument to be taught subsequent, our profession paths will assist level you in the fitting course to get you began in your new profession.

Bash/Shell Programs & Tutorials | Codecademy

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