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Hear the Oldest Track within the World: A Sumerian Hymn Written 3,400 Years In the past

Within the early Nineteen Fifties, archaeologists unearthed a number of clay tablets from the 14th century BCE. Discovered, WFMU tells us, “within the historical Syrian metropolis of Ugarit,” these tablets “contained cuneiform indicators within the hurrian language,” which turned out to be the oldest recognized piece of music ever found, a 3,400 year-old cult hymn. Anne Draffkorn Kilmer, professor of Assyriology on the College of California, produced the interpretation under in 1972. (She describes how she arrived on the musical notation—in some technical element—in this interview.) Since her preliminary publications within the 60s on the traditional Sumerian tablets and the musical idea discovered inside, different students of the traditional world have printed their very own variations.

The piece, writes Richard Fink in a 1988 Archeologia Musicalis article, confirms a idea that “the 7-note diatonic scale in addition to concord existed 3,400 years in the past.” This, Fink tells us, “flies within the face of most musicologists’ views that historical concord was just about non-existent (and even inconceivable) and the dimensions solely about as outdated because the Historic Greeks.”

Kilmer’s colleague Richard Crocker claimed that the invention “revolutionized the entire idea of the origin of western music.” So, educational debates apart, what does the oldest music on the planet sound like? Hearken to a midi model under and listen to it for your self. Probably, the midi keyboard was not the Sumerians instrument of selection, nevertheless it suffices to offer us a way of this unusual composition, although the rhythm of the piece is simply a guess.

Kilmer and Crocker printed an audio ebook on vinyl (now on CD) referred to as Sounds From Silence through which they narrate details about historical Close to Japanese music, and, in an accompanying booklet, current pictures and translations of the tablets from which the music above comes. In addition they give listeners an interpretation of the music, titled “A Hurrian Cult Track from Historic Ugarit,” carried out on a lyre, an instrument probably a lot nearer to what the music’s first audiences heard. Sadly, for that model, you’ll should make a purchase order, however you possibly can hear a distinct lyre interpretation of the music by Michael Levy under, as transcribed by its authentic discoverer Dr. Richard Dumbrill.

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