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Want Javascript Assist – eLearning

I’m engaged on a easy Javascript undertaking that ought to be capable of ship a variable worth to a variable within the undertaking and soar to the following slide however I get all types of bizarre javascript points.

Right here is the code:

window.cpAPIInterface.setVariableValue(“q01”, “1”);


Mainly, it ought to set the variable in captivate and soar to the following slide.

I’ve checked the variable worth and tried the worth of 1 with and with out quotes, even tried including textual content to the worth and am getting the next errors.

I hold getting a number of random errors. Largely consisting of…

SyntaxError: lacking ) after argument listing
at eval (nameless)
at a.runJavascript (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:643:175)
at eval (eval at executeAction (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226)), <nameless>:1:4)
at cp.Film.executeAction (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:965:432)
at b.clickSuccessHandler (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:890:426)
at b.clickHandler (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:889:167)
at (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:889:225)
at f (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:255:186)
at a.handleClickExternal (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:258:274)
at a.handleClick (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), <nameless>:259:327)

however I don’t see any errors within the javascript and I adopted code I utilized in different initiatives. I uploaded the undertaking to the web and all the pieces. Do I’ve to do one thing else like name a variable and set it then, publish it to captivate with the variable as the worth. This doesn’t make sense. I assumed this could be easy and straightforward… I can get a console.log(“testing”); name to run nevertheless it received’t push the variable worth or soar to the following slide. HELP PLEASE!!!



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